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Mobile Development

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Many people keep on wondering whether there can ever be websites developed to work well with mobile devices but we have answers. KOMZ as a mobile developer have garnered large amount of knowledge and expertise on leveraging mobile phones as delivery end points.

All over the globe, mobile application development has become a game-changer for businesses In today’s world, Whether it’s an e-commerce site that has to be transformed into a native app, porting an existing mobile application to another client platform, web portal that you needs to be made mobile friendly, Or an idea for a gaming application that you believe could become the next big thing – our mobile practice can help you make it happen.

We build mobile applications across all platforms. Be it – Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows, Blackberry And others. Native mobile apps give you an edge over HTML5 in many ways. To name a few, easy social media integration, Offline work, detailed analytic, greater UX and of course, speed. We give our best for all of these aspects and more.

In case you want a mobile app from us then feel free to contact our administrators and discuss on how best to have your needs satisfied.