Project Recovery/Rescue

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Project Recovery/Rescue

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There most likely never has been a technology related project that went so smoothly that everybody involved was excited to move on to the next project. All projects have issues. Many of organizations begin projects with restricted expertise and later require experienced professionals to get the project back on track and on the road to success.

KOMZ has been selected for project rescue and recovery many times.

Skilled project rescue managers know the way to retrieve good information even within the inside of passionate subjective participants. we have a tendency to offer project participants a “safe” place to communicate previous project steps and missteps as a result of an objective view is that the best place to start.

What’s most important within the assessment is knowing what business processes ought to be followed to get the desired results. If done properly, the assessment can be uplifting and refreshing as opposed to accusatory and demeaning. Komz has the capability to set those in motion.


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