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Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Maximize ROI By Unlocking The Power of Process Automation
The world is moving towards automation, and you should not be left behind. Komz’s automation solutions can be configured to plug into your existing legacy frameworks and technological architectures seamlessly. We have years of execution expertise in implementing intelligent automation processes, which you can piggyback on for enhanced productivity.

Enterprise Automation

Streamline all your critical business workflows by adopting our trustworthy, intelligent process automation tools. Comprising robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, analytics, and more, we can help you save on expensive man-hours and improve bottom-lines.
Tired of boring, mechanical routines? We automate all your mundane, repetitive tasks so that your bandwidth can be utilized in more creative pursuits. Our process automation algorithms become more efficient over time by analyzing data to drive next-gen digital transformation.
Intelligent Process Automation cannot be achieved overnight. It requires consistent efforts and strategic alignment of all relevant stakeholders. We offer 360-degree services to guide you at every stage - advisory for long-term vision and planning, execution services, and managed solutions for optimization, support, and maintenance.

Operational Insights

Komz can help surface helpful operational insights that you can harness to unlock new business properties. As we have seen, businesses generate vast amounts of rich data on a daily basis. We make sense of the data maze, delivering detailed analytics and reports which you can use to design experiences that delight your customers. Moreover, our operational analytics is a powerful tool in your business arsenal to discover new service offerings, new products, new features. You can even leverage these to find new distribution channels, monetization avenues, and profitability streams. Plus, with the right data systems and technological backbone, businesses can automate analytics to cater to each user segment separately and thus provide deeply personalized experiences.

Automation As A Service

Robotics is fast becoming one of the most popular intelligent process automation techniques, so much so that it has given birth to a new offering - Robotics-as-a-service (RaaS). This service is being leveraged by the manufacturing industry to compensate for high-volume manual labor. Unlike traditional automation tools, it can intelligently carry out any task that does not demand subjectivity and human intuition or judgment. This gives humans the time and energy to focus on the more complex tasks that warrant human-human interaction. You can see the bigger, bulkier robots working in isolation on the shop floor in the heavy industries. In recent times, a new crop of smaller, collaborative robots (called cobots) has revolutionized the process automation industry. These robots / mechanical arms can be programmed to perform a single, specific task, and their specialty is that they can work alongside humans on the assembly line. RaaS leads to enhanced productivity, faster processing, reduced labor costs and errors, and increased scalability and safety.

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