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Cloud Enablement

Deploy Cloud to Accelerate Business Transformation

A cloud-based architecture facilitates increased operational efficiency, agility, smoother customer experiences, and faster turnaround times. And KOMZ can help you migrate your legacy, on-premise IT assets to the cloud with minimal downtime and fuss so that you can have the edge over your competition.

AWS Cloud

KOMZ experts work with your organisation to understand your business requirements and host your company’s tech portfolio on the world’s leading cloud services provider, AWS. This can modernise your core fundamentals — data, security, applications — resulting in boosted productivity, enhanced innovation, and heightened operational nimbleness. Your journey towards being a dynamic digital enterprise begins here.

Swift Cloud Migration

The 21st-century world is more connected and moves more rapidly than ever. Businesses can ill-afford any disruption in their services because they can get scrutinised and amplified indefinitely. KOMZ can fast-track your cloud adoption endeavours, ensuring minimal downtime. Migrate your mission-critical operational workloads to the cloud in a hassle-free manner with our proprietary techniques.

App Transformation

KOMZ lets you assess, design, implement and migrate services to modify all your enterprise-grade SaaS applications to your preferred cloud service provider. This entails outsized business benefits like cost savings, agility, removal of inefficiencies and a butter-smooth user experience. No matter the application — Oracle, SAP, G Suite, Adobe — our team can assist you in end-to-end review, strategy, and error-free execution.

Cloud Operations

As the IT landscape evolves and businesses embrace the digital economy, managing your cloud operations via traditional methods is fraught with risk. Instead, you need to adopt newer models like infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, microservices, and more to achieve cost reduction and business agility at scale. We help across the entire operational life cycle— monitoring and alerts, security and risk management, provisioning and utilisation.

Hybrid Cloud

A flexible hybrid IT backbone is essential for the modern enterprise to provide a differentiated user experience. KOMZ lets you leverage an agile infrastructure whereby you can seamlessly switch between the public and private cloud. You can allocate applications and resources between the public and private cloud on the fly, unlocking new levels of operational excellence.

Cloud Security

Migrating your entire IT ecosystem to the cloud leaves you exposed to various security hazards. Being aware of the best practices, risks, vulnerabilities, and managing them effectively is paramount. KOMZ expedites this process without compromising on the security and integrity of your resources. We do so in 3 stages:
Planning - Devise a thorough, step-by-step strategy keeping all stakeholders in the loop.
Execution - Implement the requisite security protocols.
Support - Proactively monitor, notify, report, and resolution of security threats.

Industry Cloud

Industry Cloud Our Industry Cloud services is a comprehensive package for hosting industry solutions on cloud platforms. It’s a customised, bespoke solution that analyses the demands of your particular industry and provides functionality tailored for that, always focusing on a strong customer experience, adaption to market shifts and speedy product rollouts.

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