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Benefits: Significant cost savings and transformational new solutions in exploration, midstream logistics, retail operations and the management of thousands of oil wells around the world The client have signed a multi-year partnership with Microsoft Azure (Partnership Announcement) to enable their efforts to digitise their oil fields and accelerate deployment of new technologies that can increase Clients, reduce costs and improve the safety and reliability of operations. Implementing Predictive Maintenance across Chevron’s oil fields and refineries will enable thousands of pieces of equipment with sensors (by 2024) to predict exactly when equipment will need to be serviced using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics
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Benefits: Diagnostic time 70% reduction, Repair Time 20 % reduction Car maeker invested in a new predictive analytics platform using IBM SPSS for vehicle information due to a growing business need for predictive maintenance to fulfil up-time commitments. It transformed its use of vehicle data from reactive to predictive analysis. By being able to monitor the truck’s usage and the current status of the vehicle’s various key components, it is possible to tailor maintenance to individual truck level PdM and also to predict component failure while the truck is on the road or in the shop
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